Several decades old, the Textile & Clothing sector has undergone spectacular changes since the 1970s.
Created more than twenty years ago, La Griffe, now the leader in the labelling sector, anticipates the major changes in the sector to offer the most complete and diversified range to satisfy an increasingly demanding clientele in the international market conditions.
The brand has an international focus and sells more than 80% of its production on foreign markets.

History of La griffe

Our services


Feasibility study, price study....


Computer-aided design


Manufacture of all types of labels


Guaranteed delivery for our customers.


La griffe team

Our team

  • A young, dynamic and motivated team drives the daily life of the Brand to make it an innovative company in step with technological and managerial developments around the world.
  • Comfort and well-being are La Griffe's motto, providing all its employees with an environment conducive to growth, development and creativity.


It is obvious that we are shortening the deadlines, but we are making every effort to achieve, if necessary, exceptionally short deadlines.

We are attentive
to the expectations of our customers...

manufacture of labels

Our equipment

  • State-of-the-art technology. La Griffe does not hesitate to use the latest technologies to improve its product range and create new ones.
  • A Maintenance team at the service of La Griffe. Thanks to their know-how and availability, La Griffe's technicians make maintenance a pillar of La Griffe's culture, where the permanent quest for quality and respect for deadlines are its hallmarks.
Labels machine - La griffe


  • Continue the policy of modernizing our management system in order to apply and master the most advanced solutions in this area. Maintain the development of our company, whose influence and reputation are growing more and more.
  • Maintain the development of our company, whose influence and reputation are growing more and more.
  • Support our relentless search for integration in order to better control the entire production process.


Ever since its founding days, La Griffe has lived the very principle of being socially responsible. We consider us as a family working towards a common goal and this we do safe and secure. Next to stringently implementing all rules and regulations, the company invests in a healthy, safe and pleasant work environment, protecting the human being and the environment. Next to numerous clients audits we pass with excellence on a regular basis, our management and safety standards are certified with ISO.

Range of products

We produce a full range of labels on all types of media


In its internationalization process, La Griffe intends to extend its partnership to all actors in the Textile and Clothing sector in Tunisia and abroad.
The Brand is thus willing to engage and develop all forms of collaboration and partnership with companies of all kinds that share the same values of social responsibility, health and the environment.
Our needs, our projects are expressed regularly on our website with a view to developing any mutually beneficial partnership formula.
To become partner

Latest events

The quest for proximity to its customers and the desire to be more in tune with market trends require the Brand to be regularly present at all events dedicated to the textile and clothing sector around the world.
We will be pleased to welcome you to La Griffe's stands they are present, to explore all the opportunities and avenues of collaboration that this market has to offer, which is promising in the future.

La Griffe... Your labelling partner

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